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Ableton Live 10 lite

If you still don’t have Ableton live, there is a way to get the most simple version of the program for 8€. At the beginning you don’t need much more than that, and if at some point you want to upgrade to live standard, Ableton offers a discount if you already have live lite.

Some hardware like audio interfaces but also some apps give you a free version of Ableton Live Lite. The cheapest way to get your hands on Live Lite is to buy the iPhone app called Triqtraq – Jam Sequencer of Zaplin Music.

So here’s what you have to do:

  • Buy Triqtraq – Jam Sequencer for 8 € from the iPhone/iPad app store and install it
  • Open Triqtrack on your iPhone or iPad
  • Press MENU at the right bottom
  • Select EXPORT in the menu
  • On the next page, at EXPORT AS select Abelton Live Set
  • On that same page select “Don’t own Live? Get Abelton Live 10 Lite”
  • A new page appears where you can fill in your email and submit
  • You will recieve an email with a free licence for Live Lite

Link to the software:


U-He Tyrell N6 – Classic virtual analog synth. Easy to learn and nice powerful sound:

Virtual instruments

Spitfire LABS – Very comprehensive collection of sampled instruments (strings, piano, drums, percussion, soundscapes…). Very good sounding and super easy to learn:

Native Instruments Komplete 12 Start – Small collection of synthesizers, sampled instruments (band instruments, world instruments, keyboards) and a couple of effects:


Valhalla Freq Echo – analog delay and pitch schifter:

Tal-Reverb-4 – plate reverb with nice 80s character:

Tal-Filter-2 – state variable filter:

Tal-Reverb-2 – diffuse and lush reverb, ideal for ambient sounds:

Vallhalla Space Modulator – vibrato, chorus, flanger FX:

Softube Saturation Knob – effective and smooth sounding one-knob distortion and saturation:


Legowelt – small but inspiring collection of synth and drum machine sounds:

Midi controllers

Native Instruments Komplete Control M32:

Arturia Minilab mkII:

Audio interfaces

Steinberg UR22C:

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2:


Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 250 Ohm:


Shure SM57:

(last updated: February 5th 2020)